Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Latest events/movies - Feb '05

This is going to be a regular title - listing upcoming events and movies that Vidhu is involved in.

Latest shows -

He just got back from almost a month-long show in the Middle-East. Led by Mohan Sithara and in the company of the latest crop of stars like Afsal and Jyotsna, this was a good show. He appeared on the DSF programmes (Dubai shopping festival) -- anchored by Santosh Paali -- several times.

In between, there was a program in Bangalore with Rimi for which he had to fly down for a couple of days. The show played to a packed auditorium and the sponsors were so happy that they asked for a date every month!

Latest movies -

Fewer recordings last month due to the month-long show in the Middle-East.
- Vinayan's experiments continue with Adbuthadweep - Vidhu has recorded for this movie some time ago
- Recording completed in Chennai for Pandipada - Dilip movie, Suresh Peters' music, Rafi Mecartin's direction
Few other movies too - updates coming ...


Anonymous said...

does he himself check his mails or will that too be faithfully done by his so called close friend? saw today his Music Live with reemy.they form a perfect match! chakkikotha changaran!they might have exchanged roses aftr the show.Happy Valentines day to this sweet couple.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi vidhu,

i don't no if u remember me or not, anyway i've seen u thrice.
i'm frm fujairah, i've seen u for the 1st time wen u came for the akcaf onam, then wen u came for arabian thriller xpress and then finally wen u came for ragam thalam. do u remember ( Sruthi, Keerthi ,Swetha). All u'r songs r xcellent. u'r voice is awesome!!!!(just like u)

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