Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Most exciting shows

Which shows did Vidhu Prathap himself enjoy and cherish ? Which were some of his mega shows? Have to unscramble old memories here, going back from the most recent -

- Ilayaraja's Symphony show in Chennai - the maestro released this album along the lines of "How to name it", Vidhu was one of the singers invited for the show - sometime in Nov-Dec 2004. Jyotsna and Vijay Yesudas were also there
- Mohanlal's 25th year celebrations - this was a mega show and done at several places at the same time. Artistes had to choose 2 locations to perform. Vidhu was at TVM and Kozhikode.
- Monsoon diary - this was an extremely well-crafted show in TVM and impressed Vidhu quite a bit - it drizzled and poured on the stage - the show was staged by Rajeev Kumar, and produced/planned by Shaheen, a young guy with a strong business tack. Good to see these talented guys getting into the limelight
- Vidhu Prathap's first European trip - performed in Germany, Austria, UK, Italy and other places - the troupe was led by Urvashi
- will keep adding as I recollect ...

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