Monday, April 23, 2007

Latest movies/events - Apr '07

Vidhu Prathap had a busy Vishu as usual.

He sang in movies with heroes ranging from Kalabhavan Mani to Mohanlal.


- Paayum Puli - song Minnana minnal, an item number with Rambha doing the usual heart-stopping stuff :) Generated some controversy as to why we had to waste the talents of the singer/music director on such tasteless scenes. But Vidhu has done a fantastic job with the huskiness in the voice, Mani completes the effect, lip-synching perfectly. Definitely gets my vote!
- Athisayan - song Athisayan, director Vinayan's experiments with animation
- Pandhaya Kozhi - song Sundariye chembakamalare, music by Alex Paul - chart-topper
- Hello - song Hello hello aval with singer Sujatha's daughter Swetha, Mohanlal movie directed by Rafi Mecartin
- Happy - a telugu movie dubbing - song Kodiparum Pooramalle
- An as yet un-named Joshi / Dileep movie, music by Ouseppachan


I have to remark on an album that I got recently - Vidhu has many wonderful album songs that have many fans, but this one needs mention:
- album Ormayil Iniyennum - song "Vaanaville ente nenjil paithozhinjille". The video is good if you discount the actors (is this their wedding album song?). Seriously, this is a romantic pathos song that has these ghazal like lilts, and it will creep into the hearts and mind of many guys and girls. Sounds like the "Pranayakalam" song from Vidhu's earlier days ...

- Swaralaya Gandharvasandhya awards - Vidhu sang "Santhana thenralle", Chitra later sent him an SMS saying it was "too good". He also sang "Kaathal rojave"
- Vanitha Fairever awards - "Kai niraye venna tharam" blew away the audience, very impressive. Also sang the closing song ...
- Yesterday, he just completed a tour of north Kerala starting Vishu day.