Wednesday, February 23, 2005

US show cancelled

This show has been cancelled due to visa troubles for some artistes.

The side effect has been that even other shows and recordings that were scheduled during then had to be cancelled due to the month long US show that was supposed to happen in April.

Well, bad things just happen I guess !

Other shows have already come his way so he's not too disappointed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Most exciting shows

Which shows did Vidhu Prathap himself enjoy and cherish ? Which were some of his mega shows? Have to unscramble old memories here, going back from the most recent -

- Ilayaraja's Symphony show in Chennai - the maestro released this album along the lines of "How to name it", Vidhu was one of the singers invited for the show - sometime in Nov-Dec 2004. Jyotsna and Vijay Yesudas were also there
- Mohanlal's 25th year celebrations - this was a mega show and done at several places at the same time. Artistes had to choose 2 locations to perform. Vidhu was at TVM and Kozhikode.
- Monsoon diary - this was an extremely well-crafted show in TVM and impressed Vidhu quite a bit - it drizzled and poured on the stage - the show was staged by Rajeev Kumar, and produced/planned by Shaheen, a young guy with a strong business tack. Good to see these talented guys getting into the limelight
- Vidhu Prathap's first European trip - performed in Germany, Austria, UK, Italy and other places - the troupe was led by Urvashi
- will keep adding as I recollect ...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Birthday and those good old days!

DOB - 1st Sep, 1980

-- Born in Kaithamukku, Trivandrum
-- Studied first few years in Holy Angels, then finished at Christ Nagar
-- College, Mar Ivanios - he was the Arts club Secretary during graduation year

-- University, district, Rotary winner in several musical categories, years in a row
-- Final competition attended was the Asianet Voice of the Year - he was in the 10th std when the competition started and 17 when it ended in 1997 - he won the title against impossible odds. More on this later ...

-- Going to competitions was his way of constantly getting better - I counted upwards of 300 trophies, cups, plates and statues on 3 lines of shelves in his house
-- the hard part was the saadagam, the practising, continuing music lessons, travel and school - a tough regimen to follow year after year
-- then he had the occassional urges - like learning kalari from CVN Kalari nearby (yeah the guys who taught J Chan for his new movie) - that stopped after sometime...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Email-id - its changing, watch this space

Email-id - his id is changing - the old one is full of junk mail
There are a lot of "chatters" who borrow Vidhu Prathap's name - dont fall for it.
Vidhu never chats - sometimes his friend gets on a session to be in touch with fans and faithfully reports most sessions.

MRA 169

Cell #:
When your cell bill is like Rs 10,000 a month - I can understand you don't want this posted!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Latest events/movies - Feb '05

This is going to be a regular title - listing upcoming events and movies that Vidhu is involved in.

Latest shows -

He just got back from almost a month-long show in the Middle-East. Led by Mohan Sithara and in the company of the latest crop of stars like Afsal and Jyotsna, this was a good show. He appeared on the DSF programmes (Dubai shopping festival) -- anchored by Santosh Paali -- several times.

In between, there was a program in Bangalore with Rimi for which he had to fly down for a couple of days. The show played to a packed auditorium and the sponsors were so happy that they asked for a date every month!

Latest movies -

Fewer recordings last month due to the month-long show in the Middle-East.
- Vinayan's experiments continue with Adbuthadweep - Vidhu has recorded for this movie some time ago
- Recording completed in Chennai for Pandipada - Dilip movie, Suresh Peters' music, Rafi Mecartin's direction
Few other movies too - updates coming ...