Sunday, July 15, 2007

Breaking news - Vidhu Prathap in Kannada - Jul '07 !!!

Things are "humming" for Vidhu Prathap. He just finished recording for 3 songs in Kannada. Music director is V Manohar, Hamsa Lekha's disciple and guru of Mano Murthy (of record breaking Mungaaru Male fame).

V Manohar himself just had a blockbuster movie - Duniya - completing 80 days at the box.

How it happened: Vidhu Prathap went to audition for V Manohar few months ago. Manohar was very impressed, and called him down to Bangalore last week. He was given 2 songs in a single movie - Vasanthakaala.

As he was singing, there was a producer in the same studio who was struck by his voice, and right then signed him up for his movie that was just beginning recording. He stayed on for 2 more days to complete that and is back after his first Kannada songs.

We hope everything goes well and the movies go on to be big hits!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Latest movies/events - Jul '07

The Malayalam music industry seems to be "rocking". There is a deluge of movie songs and albums releasing every day. Everybody wants to hum something in public and if you have the right contacts then even sing in the albums and movies.

Music competitions everywhere ... mind-boggling prizes. Sponsers are giving away flats to winners as casually as Tharikada gives away free rice bags to by-standers. Finalists have super-star status ... media exploiting the human element to the hilt.

An entire crop of music directors have arrived ... from colleges. Mejo looks good with a Deepak Dev touch - his range will be tested in coming days.

Videos and lyrics are getting very creative.

Hope all this translates to a vibrant industry and makes it easier for the real talents to froth up through this heady mix.

Vidhu had several engagements - some shows, album work, interviews, shoots, private parties. South Indian Bank got Vidhu as one of their brand ambassadors. Huge billboards in Thrissur and Ernakulam with Vidhu, Mejo, Cicily saying "Our bank - South Indian Bank".


- July 4th - Joshi's new movie with Dileep in the lead, mentioned in the previous post
- Suhurth - Venu Nagavally movie
- Pazhassi Raja - Mammooty's historical movie penned by MT, directed by Hariharan, music by Ilayaraja
- SMS - another college movie, music by Ilayaraja - co-sung by Vineeth Sreenivas
- Challenge - a dubbed movie that was missed in the previous post

Several albums in the works. Need to mentioned another video album that has a certain wonderful feel - "Monjulla pennalle". Vidhu Prathap won the Gulf Music award for Best Mapilla Song for the year.


- Dubai show done in Jun
- Several shows in Kerala