Friday, December 01, 2006

Latest movies/events - Nov '06

Yeah, it's been a long time ...

Had to note some milestones before closing out this year of 2006.


Of course, some of Vidhu Prathap's latest songs are in movies that went on to be hits:

- Classmates - song Kaattaadi thanalum, music by Alex Paul
- Notebook - song Mazhayude cherumani, with Afzal and others
- Vargam - song Kaavalaay, music by Thej

- Anuvaadamillathe - song Pakal mulla, music Berny Ignatious
- Colourful - song Swarna nila theril, music Sayan-Anwar

And now of course, Ara pavan from Vasthavam, MusicIndiaOnline song of the fortnight. Semi-classical and tailored to Prithviraj's voice. Music by Alex Paul.

There is also an Ayyappan cassette and video with Vidhu in the works. Not sure how many remember Thatvamasi from a few years ago.

- He was on Vasthavam's Students Only - did not get to say much however ...

More later, watch the space.