Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vidhu Prathap - 2008

Posting after almost a year of silence.

Hard to list everything that he did, so I will do a "Top 10" in random order:
1. Sang in Kangaroo, Sound of Boot etc
2. Some great albums, liked the Kudayaay song best, music by Manu
3. Appeared in Idea Star singer, as the only Male Celebrity singer to sing with all the female contestents
4. Judge in new reality show Little Masters, along with Rimi Tommy
5. Performed in several big award shows, including Ujala-Asianet awards
6. Sang in another Tamil film, not released yet - Kannada film Vasanthakala released
7. Star Chase with Vidhu Prathap, an episode showing his typical day
8. Did several Gulf shows, for Onam, New Year's eve etc
9. Sang in several movies yet to be released, will list those in the next post

And now for the #1 event:
10. Vidhu Prathap is getting married !!!

Cannot provide details at this time. Clue? She is not a singer ... :)