Wednesday, June 25, 2008

News is out - Vidhu Prathap is getting married !

It's official now - Vidhu Prathap is getting married !

Date : 20 Aug, 2008
Venue: Trivandrum Club

Reception: Lulu Center, Thrissur

Bride-to-be: Deepthi Prasad

The marriage was formally confirmed about a year ago. Vidhu has known Deepthi for some time now, they first met in the Pakal Kinavil song-album where he was the main singer and Deepthi provided the dance sequences.

Deepthi Prasad's background: She is a classical semi-professional dancer, with an interest in the IT field as well (her internship was at Toonz). She has also anchored several TV shows. She has been kala-tilakam at the university festivals and done shows with actor-dancer Vineeth. She lived in Germany for a few years, her father being in the consulate there.

This must be the first picture of the couple together, so had to keep it small to prevent it from being used in other media sites.