Sunday, July 15, 2007

Breaking news - Vidhu Prathap in Kannada - Jul '07 !!!

Things are "humming" for Vidhu Prathap. He just finished recording for 3 songs in Kannada. Music director is V Manohar, Hamsa Lekha's disciple and guru of Mano Murthy (of record breaking Mungaaru Male fame).

V Manohar himself just had a blockbuster movie - Duniya - completing 80 days at the box.

How it happened: Vidhu Prathap went to audition for V Manohar few months ago. Manohar was very impressed, and called him down to Bangalore last week. He was given 2 songs in a single movie - Vasanthakaala.

As he was singing, there was a producer in the same studio who was struck by his voice, and right then signed him up for his movie that was just beginning recording. He stayed on for 2 more days to complete that and is back after his first Kannada songs.

We hope everything goes well and the movies go on to be big hits!

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SHALINI said...

hey vidhu!
great to know your doin so well!
All the very best!
Shalini Singh (chennai)