Monday, February 14, 2005

Birthday and those good old days!

DOB - 1st Sep, 1980

-- Born in Kaithamukku, Trivandrum
-- Studied first few years in Holy Angels, then finished at Christ Nagar
-- College, Mar Ivanios - he was the Arts club Secretary during graduation year

-- University, district, Rotary winner in several musical categories, years in a row
-- Final competition attended was the Asianet Voice of the Year - he was in the 10th std when the competition started and 17 when it ended in 1997 - he won the title against impossible odds. More on this later ...

-- Going to competitions was his way of constantly getting better - I counted upwards of 300 trophies, cups, plates and statues on 3 lines of shelves in his house
-- the hard part was the saadagam, the practising, continuing music lessons, travel and school - a tough regimen to follow year after year
-- then he had the occassional urges - like learning kalari from CVN Kalari nearby (yeah the guys who taught J Chan for his new movie) - that stopped after sometime...

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Anonymous said...

WOW.. Vidhu Prathap chetan knows KALARI? Ah.. see what a "kidu" he is! his shoulders are broad and he is quite MANLY. He sings,dances and his presentation is just perrrrfect! why dont he try acting in movies? he will excel it seems. SO TALENTED!