Friday, March 18, 2005

Events/schedule - Mar '05

Vidhu is on back-to-back trips for the next few weeks. Only the major events are listed:

- First on the list is a show in Dubai
- Next there is a Singapore show, I believe this is his first time in Singapore
- End of the month is a trip to London, this is a 4-5 days programme

The US show seems to be coming back to life. It could be re-scheduled to sometime in September if the visa issues are sorted out soon.


Anonymous said...

i have mailed Vidhu Prathap a 100 times to the email id given in this one is responding at all!i want to know whether he is in love with anybody.His debute album "pakalkinavu" was fantastic!keep it up.i heard him say in an interview that he is doing the next album it done by the same team?give me a reply through this site.

Anonymous said...

hey..his debute album Pakalkinavu was a great success mainly because of that beautiful calssical dancer,dipti prasad.she looks awesome in that black saree.her movements r also fabulous!nice visualizations..Vidhu sung it very well..but he could have given more attention to his own appearance too.

bale10 said...

No, like I said earlier, he is just friends with a lot of people.

At his age and point in career he realizes that there is a long way to go before he can commit to his personal life.

BTW, he does not look at his email anymore, he has a private one that is, well, private :) Please post your questions here if it isnt too personal. Will try to post his answer.

bale10 said...

Vidhu is Generation Y, he knows to keep up with the trend, but that album was supposed to be a casual piece of art.

Dont know how many remember his first video album - (the one with Sharath) - that was a classic in terms of visuals and editing. Looks like that one had some influence on the Pakalkinaavil song.

Anonymous said...

Waht?but while giving intrvws i heard him say that his DEBUTE ALBUM is "Nilavinte Kayyoppu" out of which "Pakalkinavil njan kanum snehamo nee..." is visualised.PAKALKINAVU ws a fabulous musicvdo.Deepthy Prasad looks stunning in she a mallu?i've seen her once at Parthaas,she looks like a northee girl.

Anonymous said...

hi working in a small company in technopark.i hv seen this Deepty Prasad mentioned above there.she is in Toonz Animation Company,Technprk.Though she looks like a north indian girl,she is a mallu.smbdy told me that she was in u guys know she is a very good classical dancer and she dances fr Soorya Festivals&all.a nice girl..the vidhu prathap album she did is a good one.thank u deepthi,Vidhu $all the othr crews of "Pakalkinavayi.."