Sunday, March 06, 2005

Recorded for Ilayaraja

This is for a movie called "Twinkle twinkle little star".

Vidhu Prathap was in Chennai last week to record for this movie. The amusing thing about recording for Ilayaraja is that the maestro himself ends up singing some of the best songs in the movie - not sure if this is because of some technical reason or if he just liked his own music enough to sing it himself. And of course, who has the guts to question "the little king" ? :)

This movie is getting some publicity with its multi-lingual (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu) scope and new movie making technology being used. This is a dicey story-line, so it will take some story-telling to pull this off. No amount of technical wizardry can substitute a weak story or weak direction. Need to wait and see how it develops.


Anonymous said...

bale is disappointing us! we need more pics of this sweet singing guy.though dark, he is so so so sweet,his eyes...his smile..his way of talking... this is what karnavanmar say "karupine 7 azhaku".waiting for his next appearance on tv. please tell him to do music live regularly so that we can see him for one long hour!
-women's college 5star girls

Anonymous said...

Bale, the album of this film is out and Ilayaraja hasnt sung all the songs like you have claimed. So there is some miscommunication somewhere. In fact he hasnt sung any song

you can check it here

bale10 said...

No miscommunication ... misunderstanding, maybe. I said, Ilayaraja does sing in his movies, often songs that have been recorded by other artistes. Nothing wrong with that. The music director knows best about the mood and quality needed in the movie.

bale10 said...

The pics are coming - I will be travelling to see the man himself, will get a lot of pics - those will be posted end of Jun.

Anonymous said...

ok..where are the more pics of Vidhu u said???