Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Latest movies/events - Oct '05

Several trips to the Gulf and events in and around the hometown has kept Vidhu busy in Aug and Sep. Onam lunch was in the UAE as is routine now.

- He was at 2 TV channels inaugurations in the past couple of months - Kairali's People TV and Amrita TV
- Upcoming show with Udit Narayan in the Gulf, Vidhu was picked because of his easy handling of Tamil and Malayalam songs and stage presence

- Thanmaatra - Blessy's new Mohanlal movie, heard this is the title song, very different - Music by Mohan Sithara
- Bus conductor - not sure about the name but sung by Madhu Balakrishnan and Vidhu - Music by M Jayachandran
- Mantram - Music by Alex Paul

Will update as details come in ...


Fazalu Rahman said...

Hi vidhuvettan,
Fazal here.
very nice pics and informative datas. its better to make a website of yours,
love n regards,
Fazalu Rahman

Fazalu Rahman said...

Dear blog spot maintainer,
Please update this blogsite if this is approved by vidhuvettan
All my regards,

Maya Cassis said...

heard bus conductor is worth a few laughs

Anonymous said...

vidhu prathap chetayie..
all ur songs are very good.what makes you sing so touchingly?the pic given below is good.u have such a sweet smile.please tell us about your dream girl..(ARELUM MANASILUNDO?)how should she look,her complexion,talents,profession etc.share with ur fans.. please tell through this site when u r plannig to get married..udane undo?