Monday, January 24, 2005

About this blog - Jan '05

Why a blog about Vidhu Prathap? Fair question. Because, lets see:

- there are a lot of people interested in knowing minute and latest details about this singing star
- people are confused as to why all this attention on "just another new singer"
- people want to get their facts straight on their favorite stars
- they need a compilation of details all at one place
- there is a lack of good write-ups on malayalam music in general
- also, there's my own urge to share this information
- many more reasons - too many to list ...

Being very close to Vidhu Prathap, I hope to do justice to all of you out there who follow his music. There will be frequent updates and unpublished details here - so check back often. There is a lot of hype about him but a lot of facts too, you will see these separated here as we go along. Singer Vidhu Prathap, regular young guy Vidhu Prathap, its a hard combination to carry around. Please post your comments by clicking on the comments link.

Now, onward to the posts ...

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