Friday, January 28, 2005

Pic - Vidhu Prathap with his neice


Anonymous said...

i'm so happy to visit this site.being a great Vidhu Prathap admirer i would like the updater of this site to include more photos and song files of Vidhu Prathap. He is the only Promising singer among today's young singers.he is able to manage all sort of musics with his magical voice!!!please give me his home address.well... is he engaged?

Anonymous said...

We all watch Asianet Music Live only if Vidhu Prathap is presenting the show. he is so sweet,funny,spontenious,mundane and entertaining. how old is he?it seems that he is the youngest of all the young singers and the topmost at the same time.afsal can sing only fast numbers.madhu balakrishnan excels only in semiclassical or melodies. but vidhu prathap's potential is much higher than all of them as he shines in all sort of musics. please let the visitors of this site get more informations about this wonderful guy.. his likes and dislikes,his birthday,his marriage etc.waiting for more links.....please send me his email id to

Anonymous said...

It is heard that he is engaged to a singer(who is equally famous and seen with him in most of the TV&Stage shows)and that there marriage will be in 3-4 there any fact in it?please respond

Bale10 said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey!! dont talk rubbish about Vidhu one can intrprt their mingling in that's just the narrow mindedness of mallus to say the 'y who is this bale?well sorry whoever!"There may have been someone he had feelings for.." it is so pity of him to react to that gossip in this way!or was it just to catch a place in the gossip forum?Vidhu does a clean job of singing.he has no headweights unlike other singers.nor he behaves indecently.

Anonymous said...

The blog administrator is advised to remove the 3rd and 6th comment too.
-a well wisher of Vidhu Prathap

Anonymous said...


3 Cheers to Vidhu Prathap!!!

Great site too. Who maintains this site ? I was not aware of this great repository on net till now.

If Vidhu sees this message, its me Nishanth :)

Anonymous said...

hi vidhu prathap
wishing u all the best for ur future. great singer for the
malayalam industry after yesudas
keep it up

Anonymous said...

hai vidhu chetta

yours is a cooool voicei have been admiring u frm the past 2-3 yrs. u'r sound can b understood very easily.'coz its very special.
gud songs specially the one in alice in wonderland and the tamil song from the film "solla marantha kadhai"
wishing u gud luck for your carer.

i want 2 know more details abt
i have a collection of u'r songs.
now i've got just 28 songs.
may i know how many songs u have sang in total?please

Rajesh Naroth said...

Do you mind if I used this photo for an album cover? I've not had much luck getting a goods photo to show in the credits. Thanks.
My email id is